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The Bank BTO

Bank Vacuum

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The Bank BTO
The Bank BTO
The Bank BTO
The Bank BTO
The Bank BTO
The Bank BTO

The Bank BTO is an awesome combination of pure power and convenience.  The whole vacuum (less the cord) weighs only 8 lbs. - Almost the same as a gallon of milk!  

The Bank BTO is MADE IN AMERICA and has up to 40% more suction than other leading 8 lb. uprights.

The Bank BTO has a setting for area rugs, wood, and delicate flooring, including marble.  The maximum power setting is for shag, plush, berber and all wall-to-wall carpeting.

The Bank BTO is designed to give you the same cleaning ability and allergy filtration as door-to-door vacuums costing $1800 or more.

  • Designed for homes with pets
  • 3 Year Warranty (best in the industry)
  • 6 rubber wheels and rubber squeegee for superb cleaning on delicate flooring
  • Allergy Filtration
  • 30 ft. Cord
  • Furniture Guard

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