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The Bank Pet Vacuums

Almost two thirds of US households have pets, and while our furry friends make fantastic companions, they can also leave a lot of hair in their wake. Most homes with pets have either dogs or cats, and both animals have a tendency to shed. Dogs and cats that live indoors shed hair over the entire year, with cats sometimes shedding more in the Spring and Fall. Dogs that spend most of their time outdoors shed more heavily in the Spring.

Pet hair, while an annoyance, can unfortunately also cause allergic reactions and be unhealthy to a large number of folks. One of the most effective ways to remove unwanted animal hair from your home is a good pet vacuum cleaner. But what exactly is a “pet vacuum”?

There is no official description or definition of a “pet vacuum” (and it is not a machine used to vacuum your dog or cat!). Essentially a good pet vacuum is simply one that excels at removing pet hair from your home, however there are many machines on the market today that make this claim and the truth is not all of them are good. Following are some important vacuum characteristics that make one machine superior to another in the war against pet hair

A good pet vacuum will generally:
- Have a brushroll and do a very good job picking up pet hair on both carpet and bare floors
- Have strong suction
- Do Not clog easily
- May Include one or more specialized tools for removing pet hair from different surfaces
- Have a HEPA filter or Charcoal filter
- Uses a paper bag 

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