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Bank Vault Vacuum

Bank Vacuum

Regular price $ 999.99
Bank Vault Vacuum
Bank Vault Vacuum
Bank Vault Vacuum
Bank Vault Vacuum
Bank Vault Vacuum

The Bank Vault is truly the most economical way to clean your home and remove harmful allergens and dust particles from the air that you breathe. The new Bank Vault vacuum features a sealed HEPA filtration system. Having a sealed system is very important for allergy sufferers because it means that the dirt and allergens you are picking up is not being put back in the air when you vacuum.

OPTIONAL SOFT-CLEAN NOZZLE - Designed and recommended for soft carpet.  The Bank Soft Carpet Vacuum is available click here for link

The Bank Vault is designed to give you the same cleaning performance and allergy filtration as vacuums costing $1200 or more.

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