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The Original Bank Vacuum

Multi-surface vacuum cleaner with S-Class HEPA Filtration for allergies. Lightweight, easy to maneuver.

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World's Best Canister Vacuum

100% sealed system with hospital grade S-Class Filtration. Perfect for any floor surface including carpets and rugs.

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Versatile Upright Vacuum

Upright vacuum with cleaning tools on board so you can clean your entire floor leaving no dirt behind.

The Bank Vacuum Company

A Message From The President

As people started replacing their carpet with a combination of wood, tile and area rugs, the vacuum manufacturers did not have machines available to clean these surfaces at a reasonable price.  Therefore, out of necessity, to fulfill our customer's needs at our nine retail locations in Florida, the first Bank vacuum was manufactured.  If you have a combination of wood, tile, area rugs and carpet, please see The Bank Vault or The Bank vacuum demonstration video.  With the success of the Bank canisters, The Bank Vacuum Company has added a full line of vacuums to economically improve our customer's cleaning experience.  Get your new Bank vacuum for your needs  - you will love it!

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